Current Status – Spring 2008

Spring has sprung, and only a couple months until our annual Memorial Day trip to the Sand Dunes.

Spent the last couple weekends trying to wrap up the floor work on the Scout. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to cooperate either weekend, but I do have a fairly good rundown on what needs to be done if the rig is going to make it to Walden this year.

  • Finish Floor – This is a given
  • Install Seats – Again pretty much a priority. Did the RTI test this weekend without a seat bolted down. Not so much fun when your seat starts sliding across the truck
  • Mount the computer – Can’t have the computer flopping when I’m racing up the sand hills
  • Put fenders and headlights back on – Had to dismantle the front end while working on the floor.
  • Windshield Wipers – Anyone out there with a Scout II knows finding the itty bitty windshield wipers is a hassle. My Dad has a good procedure for grafting Chevy Pickup blades onto the stock arms. Have to get that done ASAP, mine are shot.
  • Fix rear axle seal and brakes – The rear end has had a leaky axle seal forever. Need to pull it apart and see if I can fix it. At the same time I can check the brakes, they work, but something is wonky there. Low priority, but needs to be done.

I think these are the major things right now. Engine still runs really rich when I first start it. After it warms up it seems OK, so probably just a computer thing. I think it will be drivable the way it is – might actually get some four wheeling in this summer!

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