Walden Sand Dunes Countdown – 34 Days

Our annual Memorial day trip to the Walden Sand Hills is coming up quickly, and everyone still has some work to do. Between now and then watch for updates on how things are going, what we are getting done and what isn’t going to happen. Here’s a quick rundown of where we are at.

As usual he is better prepared than any of us. The Dana 60 swap on the Blazer is pretty much done, the LT250 doesn’t ever need anything and the new Brute Force is in great shape. Of course, he will probably be busy helping the rest of us.

Rob is wrapping up the 8.1 swap in his Silver Truck. Sounds like he is getting close. Lots of late nights for him.

Jeff bought him a new dirt bike, but it’s been sitting for a while. He’s working on getting it running and I’m sure there is plenty to do on the Cherokee.

Yeah, that’s me. We did the torque converter and tranny rebuild on the Scout last weekend (more about that later). I’ve also got a new steering stabilizer and new mirrors on order for it, plus I’m doing a few things to the Warrior, so I should be busy for the next month.

New Axles for the Blazer

So Jason found a great deal on new axles. Tired of blowing up Dana 44s, he’s decided to make the conversion to a Dana 60. Fortunately there was a 1978 Chevy 1 Ton single wheel pickup for sale in town. Pretty decent truck, so for $1500 he picked up a Dana 60 for the front and a Corporate 14 bolt for the rear with the 4.56 gear ratio he wants. He also found a great deal on a set of 37×17 Good Year MTRs – his old 15″ wheels aren’t going to work on the Dana 60. All this, plus a set of new wheels. The Blazer should be a sweet ride at the Dunes this year!!