Using HEI modules for other types of distributors

One of the upgrades initially slated for the Scout was the ignition system. One of the options I considered was modifying the system to use and HEI Module.

Many Scouts originally came with the dreaded ‘Gold Box’ ignition module. Scout owners can tell you, this item is often problematic. As a GM fan from way back I have wanted to add an HEI to my 345, but alas, the factory dizzy with the Hall Effect trigger won’t work with an HEI module. Since the IH engines are a bit old there are a limited number of aftermarket parts built for it. There are some instructions out there for modifying the stock distributor with Ford Duraspark parts, or there are some companies that build custom HEI distributors.

Just for reference, here’s a link to a wiring diagram for attaching an HEI module to other types of distributors.