Swap Meet Find – Disc brake conversion for 67-72 Chevy Pickup

Went to the Coy’s swap meet at Bandimere today. Didn’t find too much, but there was one excellent bargain for Jason.

His Sweet Pickup, a 1968 Chevy with a 427 and 700 has woefully antiquated drum brakes. They are OK, but in the mountains they get hot and stop working. Anyone who knows much about these trucks know they didn’t even offer a front disc option until 1972 when they went from 6 hole wheel (on a two wheel drive) to a 5 hole wheel. There just isn’t a good option for converting an older truck to discs without converting the whole truck to 5 hole.

We walked by a guy on with some old Chevy pickup stuff, and there were a set of 6 hole rotors sitting there. They guy said he had ordered them from Classic Performance Parts, but something happened and he never ended up using the rotors. Jason bought the PAIR for $25.

I just looked htem up, doesn’t look like Classic Performance sells just the rotors, but the kit is $699. This set is cross drilled and gas slotted, a $89 upgrade over the standard kit. It was a great find.

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