Bob Weber
My name is Bob Weber, and this is a blog about everything that is great about cars. The main character is my 1974 Scout II, but I write about anything car related that I have learned over the 30+ years.

Jason Douthit
Jason is the winner with the most toys. His Blazer, Quads and Motorcycle are just the tip of the Iceberg. He’s been a huge motivation and help with Bob’s Bad Binder – in fact, he came up with the name.

He is the owner of Redline Performance in Loveland Colorado and the best exhaust guy in the business. If you need custom exhaust for your street rod, 4×4, classic or anything else, he’s the one to call.

John Weber
My father and the person responsible for me owning a Scout.

Jeff Ullum
Jeff’s ridiculous Jeep Cherokee project is a work of art. 3/4 Chevy Axles, Leaf Springs, Hummer Wheels and Tires and 350 Chevy V8 make this one wild rig.

Jeff works for Schmidt Custom Floors

Rob Richardson
Rob is our goto guy for all the technical stuff. Gear setups, transmissions, EFI, computers, he does it all. He also hasn’t yet learned that having 50 projects at once is a bad idea. I think he has more stuff going than the rest of us combined, of course he works on it more than the rest of us too. I’m looking forward to him sending me pictures and putting together some articles on some of his latest projects like the 454 dual TBI setup, 8.1L swap into his 80 Chevy and the Rockwells and 53″ military tires for his 86 Chevy.

Rob works at Engle Automotive.

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